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Stop waxing-on, you old geezer

Okay, but first…Advertising in the 20th century relied heavily on the use of the 4 major media types: print, newspaper, radio & TV. Add a dash of public relations and you were golden. We still successfully use many of these media types, however many advertisers are choosing to move their dollars into emerging media.

They may be the new kids on the block but they just kicked your rear

Today, much of the way we connect with each other and connect as consumers was invented about 10 minutes ago. Google, the internet’s number one portal, wasn’t incorporated until 1998. Youtube, Facebook and Twitter did not exist until after 2005. And the can’t-live-without iPhone was introduced in 2007. The result of this new-fangled technology is that advertisers have more choices, more control, better analysis and more transparent results.


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