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About the Kew West Attractions Association

Key West Attractions Association is an organization made up of local businesses that offer sightseeing, educational, social and other unique ways to experience Key West. The association’s goal is to promote their members and their services, to assist them in achieving success, and to help guests to Key West get the most out of their visit.
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As a membership organization, Key West Attractions faced a few challenges when it came to their marketing materials. Most importantly, they needed to market all of their members equally. Our goals were to establish a recognizable brand for them and give equal share to all of their members.


We created a new website and brochure that maintained an enticing “Key West” look with eye-catching orange, yellow and blue colors, big photos of all the area attractions and personalized information on each of their members. On the new website we featured stunning photos that continually change, gave each member their own page to highlight their attraction and added videos showcasing visitors enjoying the island sites. We also gave each member the ability to manage their own page and post special events and promotions.

The new brochure also includes gorgeous photos of Kew West attractions and an organized color-coded list of each member and their offerings. And to encourage travelers to keep the brochure for a longer period of time rather than looking it over and leaving it behind, we included a large foldout map and useful information like where to find ATM’s and other area facts.


The new branding for Key West Attractions Association yielded dramatic results. As a result of the new website: Unique page views increased by 296%, Unique visits went up by 331%, and Google organic traffic increased by 197%.


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