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Old Town Trolley Tours Website Design, Brochures, Ads, Billboards and more

Old Town Trolley Tours is a sightseeing company that offers fun, informative and narrated tours to visitors in Boston, Key West, San Diego, Savannah, St. Augustine and Washington DC aboard their signature orange and green trolleys.

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Old Town Trolley’s average number of visitors to their website was low, online ticket sales were flat and brochure pickup rate was steadily declining. Furthermore, the look and feel of their signage and ads was inconsistent. BlackDog Advertising was hired to update their branding by redesigning their website, brochures, print and web advertisements, signage, billboards and more.


We first approached this challenge by creating a brochure that helped guests identify and differentiate Old Town Trolley from their competitors starting with a cover that included 3 essential features: A sightseeing headline that conveys fun, their friendly conductors driving their unique-looking trolleys, and their vehicle colors – orange and green. We went on location to each city to re-photograph the trolley in action along with various attractions that guests would be seeing along the tour. We personalized each brochure by having each city’s General Manager photo accompanied by a “welcome to my hometown” greeting. We carried this concept to print and online advertising, billboards and signage positioned at various points in their cities such as visitor centers. Finally, we redesigned their website providing guests helpful interactive tools for planning their trip; among them were detailed descriptions and maps of what there is to see and do at each of their stops, trolley stop locators to help guests find the closest trolley stop to their hotel, lists of accommodations, shopping, activities and more. And we produced videos that gave guests a visual representation of each city along with humorous videos featuring Old Town Trolley’s CEO welcoming visitors and interacting with historical characters.


The average time spent on Old Town Trolley’s website increased by 176% and number of pages viewed per visit increased by 192%. Online ticket sales also went up by more than 50%. Brochure pick-up rate increased by 200%. Ticket sales and guest inquiries at ticket booths also increased an average of 20% as a result of their re-branding.


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