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Harry S. Truman Little White House Website Design & Development

Originally serving as a command headquarters for the Navy in 1890, the Harry S. Truman Little White House has a special place in American History. For our 33rd President, it was his beloved winter home and served as a second headquarters, where he hosted important government meetings and carried on the affairs of the Presidency. Today, the Harry S. Truman Little White House is a living museum, serving as a tribute to President Truman and offering visitors a close-up look at its fascinating past.

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The Truman Little White House was faced with a few challenges when it came to enticing people to visit their website and plan a stop at the museum. Although the house is a well-known point of interest in Key West, it appeals to a mature audience. And while most people know who Harry S. Truman was, many do not consider him to be one of the United States’ most famous presidents.

Our goal was to highlight the historical importance of the Truman Little White House and to raise an interest in those viewing the website to purchase tickets and tour the museum.


We began by designing a new website that included many interesting historical facts about Harry Truman and the Little White House. The site was created with a bright red, white and blue color scheme, easily flowing navigation and larger type — research showed that the House appeals to an older audience. We added videos, big, bold photos of President Truman, the house and the many guests who have visited, as well as educational and historical links as resources.


After the launch of their new website, the Truman Little White House saw an increase in several areas. Average time on site increased by 15%. Number of pages per visit went up by 20%. Unique visits saw an increase of 32%. And Google organic traffic increased by 65%.


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