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Fury Water Adventures

Fury Water Adventures offers a variety of water sport excursions in Key West, Florida. In business for nearly 30 years, Fury offers parasailing, day and sunset cruises on the Fury Catamaran, Eco-Tours on the Coral Reef, Glass Bottom Boat Rides, Jet Skiing, Snorkeling and various other packages and events that range from relaxing days on the water to the thrill-a-minute ultimate water adventure.

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Through market research we learned that Fury was ranked very low among water sports companies in Key West. There was little, if any, name recognition and people either had never heard of them or were confused by the fact that another company out of Cozumel had the same name. Their old brochure did not have a good circulation in the marketplace and their collateral lacked a consistent look and feel.


Our goal was to reposition Fury in the industry. We began by changing their name to Fury Water Adventures. The word “adventures” added an element of fun and excitement to the company and helped it stand out from the competition. We designed a new logo that was placed on every boat, sail and on everything that carried the Fury name. We created a stunning 16-page brochure that featured bold colors, lively photos and imagery that showed all the fun and excitement of Fury’s trips. We saturated the market with the new brochure, including hotel lobbies, street vendors, turnpike, etc to ensure that anyone looking for information on Key West would be drawn to pick it up.


Brochure pickup rate increased by 50 percent. Local sales increased dramatically.


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