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klinimax print design

Klinimax Corporate Brochure

Klinimax is an encapsulating company and full-service private label solutions provider with over 40 years of industry experience. They manufacture, package and distribute the highest quality products including soft gelatin porcine or bovine capsules, vegetal soft capsules, hard gelatin capsules, tablets, liquid remedies, and effervescent tablets.


Klinimax needed a new corporate brochure targeting pharmaceuticals. In order to reach this highly educated and executive audience, detailed descriptions of all their services are given careful attention. A bright and varied color scheme was applied to emphasize the look and feel of the final product Klinimax distributes. And one of the most important components of the brochure is the specialized photography BlackDog provided. Micro-photography of gel caps and pills and close-ups of effervescent tablets in water are just some examples that not only helped promote the products but added to the visual appeal of the final piece.


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