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SynergyLabs Veterinary Formula Brochure

Synergylabs is a Fort Lauderdale, Florida based company that manufactures high quality pet products. The company supplies local and national retailers with an array of innovative pet care goods.


SynergyLabs wanted to make their products known in an industry that was already heavily saturated with major manufacturers. As a small company, they were having trouble getting noticed and struggling to get their dog shampoos onto the shelves in pet retail chains.


Our goal was to make SynergyLabs’ products more visually appealing and recognizable and make them stand out among all the other dog shampoos. We began by redesigning their labels to give them a “designer” look similar to that of a personal care product for people. We used photographs of different dogs on every label and switched to using clear bottles to let people see the various shampoos.


After our redesign and new branding of SynergyLabs’ products, the company, who was operating out of the founder’s garage, transformed into a multi-million dollar organization that maintains an expansive manufacturing plant. Their products skyrocketed to the best position on the shelves of major pet supply stores and remain in high demand both locally and across the country.


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