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crucell pharmaceuticals print design

Crucell Pharmaceuticals Brochures and Collateral

Crucell Pharmaceuticals is dedicated to the discovery and development of antibody products and vaccines for the prevention and/or treatment of both infectious and noninfectious diseases.


Crucell needed a series of brochures and collateral to promote their product Vivotif, an oral typhoid vaccine. Their main target markets are frequent travelers, military and spring breakers. To begin, a cartoon character named Bernie who looks like a pill, was conceived and created to help lessen the fear and anxiety associated with vaccines. Bernie was carried throughout various pieces including brochures and magnets. He was illustrated wearing several clothing items to reflect specific target audiences such as a varsity jacket and camouflage hat. In addition, diagrams of the human anatomy were created to show how the product works as well as illustrations directing people how to take the vaccine.


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