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The presence of social media in our daily lives is now almost unavoidable. From popular sites like Facebook and YouTube to location based sites like Foursquare (did you know that an astronaut just checked in from outer space?), social media is making a significant impression in how we communicate, make purchasing decisions and much more. But perhaps the biggest impact this era has made is in social good. Following are just some examples of campaigns that have made a difference for the better.

I’m sure by now most of you have heard about Foursquare. Maybe you already downloaded the application on your smart phone and are using it or know someone who does. Or maybe you were watching the History Channel and saw their promotion for their Foursquare page. You just keep hearing “Foursquare” in conversation. And, if you don’t know about Foursquare by now, I assure you, businesses do.

Social Media has definitely become far greater than just a trend. Advertising & marketing agencies across the world are working hard to get their clients on the social- media-map, especially on those social media sites who’ve had their fair share of time in the limelight: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr, Myspace, and LinkedIn.

There is no question corporate America took a little time to get on the social media bandwagon. Since then, the social media buzz has exponentially grown with large corporations and many a small business owner’s finally giving in and “getting it”; however, in today’s economy, what CEO truly has the extra time in the day to invest in the development and management of ALL these accounts to ensure that their brand is made known to the millions of users?

The time is now.

Social media is steadily becoming the top way for businesses to achieve brand awareness and promote engagement with existing and new customers alike. And why shouldn’t they? Social media networks are where the people are. Studies show there are over 500 million active users (as of September 2010) on Facebook; Twitter contains approximately 19 million users; there are 100 million YouTube videos viewed everyday; and now with the latest phenomenon, Foursquare, which has 1 million active users and steadily rising, it’s hardly arguable to NOT be involved as a company.


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