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You only have 140 characters on Twitter, so make them count. The symbol “#” on Twitter is known as a hashtag. Adding a hashtag in front of a phrase makes it searchable and categorized. Users can then search for these categories and participate in conversations of interest. In the image below, #marketing is an example of a Twitter hashtag in context.

Twitter HashtagsRead on for tips about optimizing your hashtags on Twitter!

The time is now.

Social media is steadily becoming the top way for businesses to achieve brand awareness and promote engagement with existing and new customers alike. And why shouldn’t they? Social media networks are where the people are. Studies show there are over 500 million active users (as of September 2010) on Facebook; Twitter contains approximately 19 million users; there are 100 million YouTube videos viewed everyday; and now with the latest phenomenon, Foursquare, which has 1 million active users and steadily rising, it’s hardly arguable to NOT be involved as a company.


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