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Creatives with business sense

Above all else, we’re problem solvers. And although we’re a creative agency, we understand that not all problems can be solved through creativity alone. It takes a unique blend of artistry, technology, and business strategy to generate successful solutions for our clients, a formula we’ve spent the past 30 years perfecting.

Full-service advertising. The stuff we were born to do.

We offer a comprehensive approach to advertising and marketing – from TV, digital and print advertising to media, strategic planning and pretty much everything in between.

We Brand. We Market. We Advertise. We Socialize®

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    Business Consulting

    • Advisory Services
    • Marketing & Sales Strategy
    • Advanced Research & Analytics
    • Competitive Analysis
    • Performance Improvement
    • Technology
    • Positioning & Objectives
    • Products & Services
    • Operations
    • Call Center Implementation
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    Strategy Development

    • Branding & Sales Strategy
    • Media & Marketing Planning
    • Market Research
    • Organic & Paid Search Strategy
    • Marketing Automation Program
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    • Corporate Branding & Brand Standards
    • Web Design (UX/UI)
    • Email Marketing Design
    • Rich Media Banner Ads
    • Social Media Graphics
    • Print Design
    • POS Design
    • Billboards & Environmental Design
    • Animation & Motion Graphics
    • Computer Graphic Services
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    Copywriting + Content Strategy

    • Content Marketing Strategy Development
    • Branded Content Development

    • SEO Blog & Article writing
    • Content Consultation
    • Professional Copywriting
    • Social Media Content Development
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    Digital Marketing

    • Analysis, Research & Reporting
    • Digital Marketing Strategy
    • Paid Search Management & Optimization (CPC)
    • Digital Display/Programmatic Campaign Management
    • Digital Video Campaigns
    • Paid Social Media Campaigns
    • Email Marketing Management
    • Lead Capture Campaigns
    • Organic Website Optimization (SEO)
    • Content Marketing
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    Social Media Management

    • Brand Style Guide Development
    • Content Creation
    • Paid Media Management
    • Reporting & Analytics
    • Channel Analysis & Optimization
    • Customized Engagement Strategies
    • Promotions & Sweepstakes
    • Facebook & Instagram Ads
    • Ongoing Management
    • Consultation & Training

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    Web Development

    • Responsive Website
    • Content Management System
    • E-commerce
    • Web Applications
    • Web Content Updates
    • CMS Security/Patch Maintenance
    • Analytics & Load Speed Optimization
    • Digital Touch Screens/Kiosks
    • Custom Solutions
    • Computer Programming & Software Design
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    POS Design

    • Storefront Design & Signs
    • Interior Design & Traffic Flow Analysis
    • In-store Graphics & Brand Development
    • Electrical & Lighting Design  
    • Color palette & finishes design, flooring, ceilings, wall & fixture materials
    • Audio & Visual Design
    • Point of Purchase Merchandising
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    Photography + Film

    • Branded Photoshoots
    • Produced Marketing Videos
    • TV/YouTube Commercials
    • Pre & Post Production
    • Photo Enhancement & Retouching
    • Talent & Wardrobe Management
    • Voiceover Management


BlackDog’s System to Marketing Success

BlackDog has a unique knowledge base and understanding of regional and localized marketing efforts. Our turnkey Retriever™ system identifies highly targeted audiences, maximizes reach and frequency, and delivers real-time trackable results that dramatically improve the bottom-line.

Our awards, your success

Although we’ve won more than a few awards over the years, our most valued achievements come when our work produces solid results for our clients. Because when our clients win, we win, and that’s the kind of partnership we strive for.

Logo that reads 'Expertise Best Miami Advertising Agencies in Miami 2018'Logo that reads 'Expertise Best Miami Advertising Agencies in Miami 2019'


Where ideas meet strategy

Powerful marketing is more than inventing big ideas — it’s ensuring that those ideas are communicated to the right people through the right channels. At BlackDog, we’re skilled at knowing when, where and how to best use both traditional and digital marketing mediums to make those big ideas flourish and our clients grow.

We keep good company

Working in a field that’s constantly changing, we like to surround ourselves with partners whose insights and solutions keep us at the forefront of the industry.

Our Certifications

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