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scope art fair miamiArtist Unknown | Scope Miami, 2011

Contemporary art is a great source of inspiration for graphic designers. Gallery exhibitions and art fairs are full of compelling pieces that may give you ideas on how to approach your next design. You can get inspiration from looking at interesting compositions, textures and color combinations not commonly seen in commercial graphic design.

shepard fairey comadanteShepard Fairey, Comadante | Scope Miami, 2011

In Miami, we are fortunate enough to have the Wynwood Art Walk once a month, where over 80 galleries open their doors to show off their monthly exhibitions. There is a large variety of sculptures, paintings, photography and installations to see.

miami art of asiaLiu Bolin, Invisible Man | Art of Asia Miami, 2011

On top of the monthly art walk, there is also a large number of international art fairs such as Art Basel, Scope, Pulse, and Art of Asia who come to Miami once a year. There is an abundance of compelling art from around the world for us here to enjoy. If you are a graphic designer, I highly recommend you take advantage of what the growing Miami art scene has to offer. You will get inspiration that will help you think different about your design. It is also a good idea to bring a camera and photograph the works that inspire you.

Here are some stunning works of art that I photographed at the Scope and Art of Asia art fairs.

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