The Importance of Adwords & Analytics Certifications

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Google Search continues to dominate the search engine market. Approximately 80% of online searches are performed on Google. Therefore, appearing on Google searches is a vital aspect of establishing a strong online presence. Our Miami advertising agency uses the tools that Google offers to better your site’s presence, and we have the experience, training, and certifications to prove it.

BlackDog Advertising provides clients with Analytics tracking on every website we create or manage. In order to track paid ads, phrases people search, and see how many visitors clients get a month, we utilize Google Analytics. Using our knowledge and expertise, we use these statistics to ascertain strategies to perform search engine optimization and expand your reach on the internet.

Google’s online advertising program, Google Adwords, is another way to target customers with your website. Users who click these online ads are customers that are ready to buy, and getting this specific kind of clientele will boost sales. Ads of various types are placed on Google’s search page, Youtube, and other pages within Google’s network. The program only shows your ads when a user searches related content, and you can even choose to pay only when users click on your ads. Ads can be geo-targeted to your city, the area you serve, or wherever else you choose.

The best way to capitalize on the advantages Adwords and Analytics provide is by hiring an experienced Adwords Certified Partner and Analytics Certified agency to manage your account. While the programs might sound simple, their intricacies are many and an educated partner can help.

BlackDog Advertising is an Adwords Certified Partner, Google Analytics certified, and has over five years of experience in managing Analytics and Adwords accounts for hundreds of clients. Contact us today about starting a Google Analytics or Adwords account!

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