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Google recently introduced Google My Business, an overhaul of Google Places, designed to make it easier for businesses to manage their local information and ensure they are easily searchable across all of Google’s services. This new dashboard is now a one-stop shop and provides a user-friendly, single login platform to access each individual account associated with your business. It also allows you to have a more streamlined mobile experience on iOS and Android, so you can respond to reviews and manage business operations on the go. With these changes, it is more important than ever to optimize your business’s online presence with Google.




Google My Business Dashboard

Which services are included?

The new Google My Business configuration shows the following Google services all from the main screen.

Google+: Businesses can post photos, content,


and videos.

Insights: You can view your business’s visibility,


and engagement to gain a better understanding of how customers find and interact with you. It shows data on website visits, search and even requests for directions from Google Maps.

AdWords Express: This app allows you to get your campaigns running quickly and efficiently. It’s great for local small businesses that don’t outsource their advertising needs. You can set a budget and Google will automatically generate keywords associated with your business and industry with minimal maintenance on your part.

Reviews: This tool monitors business reviews and tracks ratings. You can also manage your reviews from a mobile device.

Google Analytics: Takes you directly to your Google Analytics page.

YouTube: Takes you directly to your YouTube channel.

Hangouts: Here you can start or join a Hangout. This is a great tool for internal and external use to collaborate with employees and customers.

How can I optimize my listings? 

1. The more information you include on your Google My Business profile, the more info Google has to maximize your business’s SERP rankings. Remember that any information entered when setting up your Google My Business account will apply across all of Google’s services.

2. Engage with your customers online and respond to their reviews. Google rewards businesses in the SERP with at least 5 or so reviews and will even link to other 3rd party sites such as Facebook. Make this part of your day-to-day operations.

3. Develop a sound social media strategy. Use Google+ and post there regularly. Implement a combination of your own content and curated material. This will diversify your posts and mitigate the challenge of always generating original content.

4. Evaluate your business’s performance by using Google Analytics and Insights. In today’s digital marketing age, analyzing how your business is doing and being aware of opportunities is critical to the success of your business. Insights and Analytics show metrics like the views you’re getting by demographics, whether customers are actually clicking your links and how long they’re engaging on your page, just to name a few.

Understanding social media

In today’s social media world, it can be daunting to learn about all the different platforms, like Instagram and Twitter, and stay on top of their continuous updates. Social media is a relatively new and evolving marketing channel for businesses of all sizes. It is important now more than ever to optimize your business’s social media profiles and understand best practices. From strategy to content to measurable results, BlackDog Advertising is here to help guide your business through the complex and ever-changing social media landscape.

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