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Using your brand-new tablet mini and keep having to zoom in to read something? Or how about scrolling to see a full image? We’ve all been there – frustrated with websites that are not user-friendly.

Welcome Responsive Design!

Image of Turtle Kraals Responsive Site Design

Responsive design allows you to create one website that automatically adjusts to fit the screen size and orientation of the device that you are using. Implementing Media Queries (JavaScript code that detects the size of your device), a website will automatically scale to its respective screen size or orientation. After the 2011 release of Google Panda, Google recommends responsive design to encourage more accessible websites.

Many big brands have already switched to responsive website design including Sony, Microsoft, Disney, Starbucks, Time Magazine, Qdoba, Mountain Dew and more. Why are all these big companies redesigning to be responsive? According to multiple studies, including a study on the new responsive site, tablet users are expected to outnumber desktop users within the next two years.

A Case Study in Responsive Design

In our own design efforts, BlackDog Advertising utilizes responsive design to ensure that our clients have accessible and engaging web content. Recently, we created a website for Key West seafood restaurant Turtle Kraals. Visit their website to test out responsive design for yourself. The site changes its layout at different screen sizes while the URL remains the same, making it responsive. Using responsive design allowed us to fashion a more user-friendly web experience, so site visitors can check out this restaurant’s page on multiple devices without a problem.

So, as 2013 goes on, take a look at your website on multiple devices. Is it responsive?

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