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SWAGtastic Digital Data

Since 2011, BurgerFi has been serving up the best burgers in South Florida (and beyond). They are led by their new genius CMO, Henry Gonzalez, that “some” compare to Elon Musk, and his amazing team of Hannah Keyser, VP and Brittany deBaptiste, Senior Brand Marketing Manager. They truly continue to redefine how the world eats burgers.

Topping Off for Maximum Taste

While their burgers have been named the Top Burger Chain in Fast Casual Restaurants in USA Today for 2021, BurgerFi’s next tasty course of action will be optimizing their marketing endeavours. Which is why they ordered ahead and sought help in BlackDog Advertising.

Key Challenges

When opportunity presents itself we bark. BurgerFi ordered three campaigns to test how digital advertising could play a larger role in driving new customer acquisition and fostering existing customer loyalty. Previous campaigns were failing to break through existing markets and BlackDog knew exactly how to create a new path.

Key challenges included:

  • Limited tracking and reporting on digital campaigns
  • Stagnant new app registration growth
  • Breaking through existing markets with limited marketing budget
  • Expedited turnaround time to deliver creative assets that hit on several key promotional messages

Creative Strategy

Our team sat down at the table with a hunger to analyze the brand and construct creative solutions.

The Appetizer

For the appetizer we were served the challenge of increasing Mobile App registrations.

The mobile app benefits we focused on were the free fresh-cut fries promotion, the ability to pay by phone, the convenience of ordering ahead and skipping the line, exciting promotional rewards only available on the app, and more. This led to 5 unique ads that had clear and direct CTA’s, allowing BlackDog to efficiently and accurately monitor the output of each creative piece. BlackDog implemented ideas such as optimizing their digital buys and reporting, as well as their overall view of app output, engagement.

Market Results For App Campaign

MOM App Registrations
YOY App Registrations
Lower CPC vs Previous App Campaign
Lower Media Spend Per Registration vs App Previous Campaign
App Store Traffic vs Previous App Campaign
ROAS From Campaign After 3 Months Of Typical App Usage

The Entree

Next up we had the entree, which was the new limited-time SWAG Burger preparing to launch. BurgerFi tasked BlackDog Advertising with a delicious opportunity to promote their new limited time offer.

Our team hit the ground running and quickly developed a stellar creative digital campaign for the South Florida market. Through strategically sound and engaging creative, BlackDog successfully delivered juicy results, making the SWAG Burger the “hottest” item ordered in-store and on the App.

Market Results For SWAG LTO

ROAS over 7 Week SWAG LTO Campaign
Est. Total Store Sales Across All Locations
Store Visits
Media Spend Per Store Visit (70% lower Than Previous LTO Campaigns)
Lower CPC vs Tri-Fi Campaign
Website Visits vs Tri-Fi Campaign

Making Room for Dessert

Lastly, we had the dessert, which was the opportunity to strategically combine our Mobile App Registration Campaign and SWAG Burger LTO.

Our creative strategy focused on the key differentiators of the app experience as well as creating a sense of urgency to experience the SWAG Burger and its premium ingredients, before it’s too late. To complement this strategic approach the team additionally developed a calendar for app notifications to engage our pre-existing registered App community.

Market Results For SWAG+App Campaign (Early Indications)

YOY App Registrations
MOM App Registrations (Prev Trend Was -10%)
Store Visits
Media Spend Per Store Visit

Key Takeaway

Our team was able to address all the challenges through methodical planning, strategic data analysis, and engaging creative assets. BlackDog successfully launched an impactful activation campaign driving qualified traffic to all restaurant locations, and increased App engagement.

After devouring the appetizer, entree, and dessert it’s safe to say that we are ready for seconds!

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