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A leader in the travel and tourism industry, Old Town Trolley Tours has been entertaining guests for over 30 years in cities across the country. Old Town Trolley Tours currently operates in Boston, Key West, San Diego, St. Augustine, Savannah, Nashville, and Washington, D.C. Old Town Trolley Tours offers guests the chance to experience these seven cities on a fully narrated live tour on their orange and green trolleys. Each tour is led by a knowledgeable Conductor who delivers their own perspective on the city. The tours are hop-on-hop-off, which gives guests the flexibility to spend as much time as they’d like at each of their multiple trolley stops.

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Key Challenges

After over 30 years in the travel and tourism industry, Old Town Trolley Tours had successfully established their brand with a traditional marketing approach. However, noticing more aggressive competition entering the space, BlackDog took the initiative to help modernize the brand and stay ahead of the pack. Our goal was to incorporate the latest in audio and visual technology in order to improve the overall customer experience and refresh the brand without diluting the company’s well established identity or confusing their loyal guests.

Although Old Town Trolley Tours was built on telling the stories of the past, our goal was to set them up for the future.

Creative Strategy

We approached this rebrand from all angles. Operating in seven major US cities and providing an unforgettable vacation experience to millions of guests, it’s fair to say the task was no small order. We needed to help the brand embrace a modern new look and expand its digital marketing presence. This would help engage the brand with a younger, more tech-savvy audience. After doing market research and surveying our long-time guests, we began to build out a complex new website, rebrand their large fleet of vehicles and operational units in all cities, enhance all sales booth designs, and build an innovative new centralized monitoring system. Old Town Trolley Tours was about to receive the complete BlackDog experience.

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The vehicles received new BlackDog designed fleet graphics and digital monitors, which became an attraction itself, with locals and new guests taking photos in front of the trolleys. New, award-winning photos and videos were produced for all cities, highlighting the various attractions their diverse range of guests can enjoy. We created a new point of sale experience by introducing redesigned ticket booths and digital monitors to make the ticket purchasing process as interactive and simple as possible. We localized our OOH efforts by placing creative at high traffic areas like airports and downtown landmarks unique to each city.

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And most importantly, Old Town Trolley’s digital presence was anchored by our redesigned website that added 1,300 pages, made online booking easier, and expanded their Google Maps radius, giving their guests the ability to view tour routes with ease. Additionally, the brand-new website allowed Old Town Trolley to leverage the extensive knowledge and reach they have in each city, positioning them as the ultimate Vacation Planning tool. Their website became a hub of carefully crafted SEO articles highlighting all the best things to do in each city. From the best restaurants to the best museums, and even articles outlining the best single-day itinerary for couples or families, the enhanced website became a centralized hub for anybody looking to plan their perfect vacation experience.

Keeping It Social

Always looking to maintain an active social media presence, BlackDog created several impactful social media assets to support all multi-city campaigns. Through clever Tweets, Instagram posts, and even FaceBook polls, our creative team was able to engage with the brand’s large customer database and reinforce Old Town Trolley’s presence as the ultimate vacation planning resource, and further fuel their wanderlust.

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The Results

Increase In Total Passengers
eCommerce Conversion Rate
Revenue From Map Page Visitors
Phone Calls

Key Takeaway

Our team thrived when managing this multi-city operation with multiple stakeholders, ensuring a successful rollout of our creative strategy throughout all channels, including affiliated retail and sales operations. This strategy has helped provide a modern take on a tourism classic, boosted online traffic, and has given our team and Old Town Trolley Tours an opportunity to expand to additional cities.

We’ve had the privilege of helping to grow their brand for over 27 years, and we’re confident that we can use this experience to help BurgerFi’s expansion across new markets. The team at Old Town Trolley Tours has become like family to us, a bond that has only strengthened over the years.

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