Unveiling the Pearl of the Panhandle

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It may sound strange to say that one of Florida’s prime locations for outdoor activities and attractions needed unveiling, but that certainly was the case with Suwannee County. The famed Suwannee River cuts right through the center of town, featuring a variety of activities and adventures sure to excite any tourism marketing or destination marketing professional. But, for a long time, the thrills of Suwannee County were overlooked and undermarketed with a nearly nonexistent digital footprint. And that’s where BlackDog Advertising came in, developing a tourism marketing strategy intended to reach guests and improve brand recognition through consistent communications.


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  • Tourist couple hiking at the Suwannee River tourist destination.
  • An aerial view of the Suwannee River tourist destination.
  • A couple hiking at the Suwannee river tourist destination.

Boots on the Ground to Leave a Digital Footprint

Suwannee County has a rustic appeal, ideal for any lover of the outdoors. The area contains a treasure trove of springs and underwater caves made for camping and unforgettable memories. So, when business leaders and distinguished members of the community formed a coalition to increase awareness and visitors, we knew BlackDog Advertising had to be intentional in order to showcase all Suwannee County has to offer and ultimately reach more guests and increase bookings. We developed tourism marketing strategies with three things in mind:

  • Increase annual visitation.
  • Increase awareness of Suwannee County.
  • Showcase all the activities Suwannee County has to offer.

Truly capturing this undiscovered treasure — that could be a mecca for outdoor enthusiasts — required a master class in experiential tourism marketing and destination marketing.

  • A tourist couple jumping into the springs of the Suwannee River.
  • Family camping during the daytime at the Suwannee River tourist destination.
  • A smiling, hiking couple at the suwannee river tourist destination.

Content is King in Suwannee County

Every great tourism marketing campaign begins with great content that highlights the best of what your destination has to offer and inspires guests to book now — not later. BlackDog Advertising hired local models to represent the diversity of Suwannee County and its people. Locations were carefully scouted and locked down during shooting using first-person data collected after careful research. Underwater photography, crane shots, drone shots, Steadicam, and hand-held camera shots were all used to create a stunning final product designed to introduce Suwannee County to the world. The high-quality, well-composed, and high-definition still photography helped to showcase the beauty of Suwannee County’s attractions and entice potential visitors to experience them in person.

In addition to high-quality photography, BlackDog Advertising also created a defining, beautifully produced video. Solid, engaging video content remains one of the most effective forms of communication a brand can deploy. The video showcased the natural beauty and unique features of Suwannee County’s attractions, capturing the attention of potential visitors and encouraging them to plan a trip to the area. With compelling visuals and engaging narration, the video helped to establish Suwannee County as a must-visit destination.

Suwannee County destination marketing webpage on iPad.

Reaching people where they are is key to tourism marketing and destination marketing, which is why BlackDog Advertising also revamped Suwannee County’s website design to help raise awareness. The primary objective was to show the audience what the benefits are of visiting Suwannee County over other locales. The website prominently featured all of the fun activities the area has to offer, including amazing freshwater springs and world-class cave diving. With a user-friendly design and easy navigation, the website cultivated brand trust and provided potential visitors with all the information they needed to plan a memorable trip to Suwannee County.

  • Destination marketing photography shoot of a tourist family bike riding in Suwannee County.
  • Destination marketing photography shoot of a tourist couple swimming in the Suwannee River.
  • Destination marketing photography shoot of a tourist couple walking in Suwannee County.
  • Destination marketing photography shoot of a tourist family camping in Suwannee County.

The Pearl Unveiled by BlackDog Advertising

BlackDog Advertising’s collaboration with the people of Suwannee County to enhance their destination marketing showcases how we can help grow a travel brand by reaching guests before the competition. We’re proud to have helped this community raise awareness of their county’s attractions and increase their tourism marketing strategies with a clear objective in mind: Showcase everything that Suwannee County has to offer. From stunning photography to engaging video, BlackDog Advertising created content that perfectly captured the rustic appeal and natural beauty of the area. With over 300K total digital video engagements, it’s clear that BlackDog Advertising’s approach was a roaring success for Suwannee County’s destination marketing.

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