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Fresh Take On A Local Favorite

Key West is known for its beautiful tropical views, but it’s also gained a reputation for delicious and unique food venues. If you ask us, a visit to paradise isn’t complete without a stop at Fisherman’s Cafe, a local favorite nestled in the heart of the Historic Seaport serving fresh-caught seafood, made-to-order specialties, and an authentic vibe that pays tribute to Old Key West.

The Results

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Old Story, New Brand

Working alongside our client, the goal was to create a venue that felt established – almost as if it had been there for years.

So we did some research and in the process uncovered stories about an old Key West hangout called The Fisherman’s Cafe, a colorful eatery where fishermen would swap stories, get their news, and enjoy the freshest seafood in town. We ultimately decided to name our client’s new restaurant concept after the beloved cafe, paying homage to a historical hot spot that meant a lot to the locals.

Cooking Up Something Creative

Like any passionate chef, we went straight to work, combining all of the ingredients for a successful final product. First, we collaborated with the client’s interior designer to establish a color palette which contributed to the restaurant’s unique identity and overall branding. The established branding guidelines were then applied to all marketing materials including their new logo, menu, website, and all forms of advertising which were created to help promote the business.

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To assist with day-to-day operations, we then introduced the company to a point-of-sale (POS) system that allowed the staff to serve their customers in the most efficient way possible. The POS system easily integrated with the rewards program we initiated, one that incentivized individuals to eat at Fisherman’s and brought in new and recurring customers.

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With most promotional materials in place, we then created a 12-month marketing and media plan to strategically target our Key West audience. The plan consisted of search engine optimization, social media setup, and both content and email marketing.

We also implemented a social media influencer strategy, leveraging the reputation and reach of key social media influencers in the Key West, travel, and food markets. These efforts helped Fisherman’s Cafe break into the restaurant business and ultimately landed them a featured television spot on the Cooking Channel.

Savoring Success

In creating the new Fisherman’s Cafe, we found a way to bring back that Old Key West feeling, while still managing to add a bit of an original island flair. We positioned the restaurant as a must-visit spot down Lazy Way Lane in the Historic Seaport and generated a sense of nostalgia for the days when local fishermen brought their day’s catch right off their boats and straight into the kitchen.

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