BlackDog's Retriever/ROI®
- a digital marketing solution that returns results!

In the travel, tour, and attraction industry, understanding the effectiveness of your marketing efforts is crucial. And one of the newest challenges facing marketers today is data tracking, as web browsers are increasingly restricting data collection by removing cookies. That’s why BlackDog developed RETRIEVER/ROI®, our powerful marketing solution that goes beyond basic website analytics. It captures performance data from various sources, including your reservation system, paid digital advertising, social media engagement, email marketing effectiveness, phone call inquiries and more. RETRIEVER/ROI® even collects offline conversions like walk-up ticket sales.

RETRIEVER/ROI® then presents this comprehensive data in a user-friendly dashboard, giving you a clear picture of your return on ad spend (ROAS). RETRIEVER/ROI® utilizes a secure cloud-based data warehouse to ensure your data is stored and backed up. Unlike Google Analytics, which only shows comparison data for 14 months, RETRIEVER/ROI® saves your data for at least five years, allowing you to track the long-term impact of your marketing initiatives and optimize your campaigns for maximum ROI.

Included with RETRIEVER/ROI®:

Unlimited data backup

We future-proof your data, with no limit to website & paid media data backup, compared to 14 months with GA4.

We Speak Tourist®

This program provides the best tourism-focused data comparables, with YOY data across multiple years.

One stop shop

Retriever/ROI® blends all digital paid media data into one report so all of your important marketing data is in one place.

Report automation

Our clients receive customized reports, automatically sent to their inbox

Variety of data connectors

We have access to a customizable data connector library with over 1,000 options, so the possibilities are vast for custom dashboards.

Stay competitive

Included with Retriever/ROI® is no limit, long-term, SEO ranking competitor market share tracking.

Call tracking

With automated call tracking, we can monitor data from calls to tracking numbers for your campaigns and report insights on customer behavior.

Other Reporting

  • Blend all organic social media data into one report
  • All in one Email Marketing data dashboard for your email marketing/CRM platform
  • Organic Search Data Report Dashboard
  • Customer Reviews dashboard

Automating and Targeting

  • Automated upsell programs
  • Automated review and survey programs
  • Detailed buyer persona data analysis & targeting

Tracking and Attribution:

  • Custom conversion and lead form tracking for your digital paid marketing campaigns
  • Automated offline conversion imports & cookieless attribution
  • Store visits & foot traffic reporting with digital campaign attribution
  • Offline marketing sales attribution

Are you ready to launch and track successful campaigns?

Creating successful tourism marketing campaigns requires experience and intentional strategy focused on increasing sales and collecting first-person data to deliver crisp, well-crafted communications. BlackDog Advertising helps brands identify unique selling propositions and develop creative messaging that resonates.

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