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BlackDog Advertising receives Google Premier Partner recognition

At BlackDog Advertising, we’re thrilled to announce that we’ve been awarded Google Premier Partner status! This prestigious distinction places us among the top 3% of Google Partners globally, recognizing our expertise and exceptional performance in managing Google Ads campaigns. Earning a Premier Partner badge signifies our proven ability to deliver maximum campaign success for our tour, attraction, adventure & leisure clients, helping them drive growth and achieve their marketing goals.

Google Premier Partner Badge

We Speak Tourist® A report is only as good as the team that draws its insights. Our team of highly skilled experts can transform your reports and data into actionable strategies and see them through all phases of an ad campaign.

Crafting excellence Top-tier optimization scores and peak campaign performance require attentiveness. BlackDog Ad specializes in mining data in real time across all channels to provide recommendations on increasing ROI within our clients’ marketing budgets.

Boost your bottom line At BlackDog Ad, we know that when it comes to tourism marketing the majority of sales are won or lost online. Our clients have seen an average of +15% increase in conversion rate after every website redesign and an average of 129% higher Google Search ranking than the nearest competitor.

Why do Google Ads matter to the travel industry?

High-Intent Targeting

By focusing marketing efforts on travelers with high intent, we increase the efficiency of our clients' campaigns, as they are more likely to generate conversions compared to targeting broader audiences.

Massive Reach

By leveraging the extensive reach and targeting capabilities of Google Ads, BlackDog can maximize our clients' exposure and effectively connect them with potential customers across a wide range of digital touchpoints.

Variety of Ad Formats

By offering a wide variety of ad formats, Google enables BlackDog to create customized campaigns that effectively target audiences, achieve our marketing goals, and deliver engaging experiences across different digital channels (Search, Display, Things to Do).

Location-Based Targeting

Location-based targeting with Google Ads allows BlackDog to effectively reach our target audience in relevant locations, drive local engagement and store visits, and maximize the impact of our advertising campaigns.

Measurable Results

BlackDog gains valuable insights into the reach and effectiveness of our Google Ads campaigns, optimizes our targeting and messaging strategies, and maximizes the impact of our clients' advertising efforts.

Flexibility and Control

The flexibility and control provided by Google Ads empower BlackDog to optimize our campaigns for better performance, efficiency, and ROI by customizing spend, scheduling, and keyword targeting strategies to suit our specific business objectives and advertising goals.

All tours and attractions need an intentional strategy to drive more traffic, increase brand awareness, and ultimately, boost direct bookings. With BlackDog and Google Ads, your brand has a targeted and measurable way to reach customers, allowing you to be present at the sale before guests arrive at your destination and remain competitive in your market.

Partner with BlackDog Advertising and let us introduce your travel brand to the world! 🌎

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