A little bit of Wynwood finds its way to the Falls

By the BlackDog Creative team

BlackDog Advertising

Miami marketing firm BlackDog Advertising decided to enliven their industrial neighborhood digs with a splash of color by commissioning a large mural on their building’s facade, located in The Falls® area near Pinecrest, Florida. The finished work, hand-painted by artists Patrick Kane McGregor and Anthony J. Garcia, both of Denver, Colorado, took roughly five days to complete and has since garnered a lot of attention from passersby.

“We’re all so pleased with the outcome. The skill level of these gifted artists is just mind-blowing, really” said John Penney, Founder and CEO of BlackDog Advertising. “We felt strongly about having our building’s exterior reflect the spirit and creativity that lives within these walls. It’s a tribute to everything we’ve built here over the years. Besides, why should Wynwood have all the fun?” Mr. Penney added, referencing the artistic, trendy enclave just outside of Downtown Miami that, in short order, has become one of the meccas of muralists and graffiti artists from all over the world.

The mural’s predominant image is that of a giant black Labrador retriever sporting a pair of teal, mirrored sunglasses. On the opposite wall is the object of his affection—a big red fire hydrant. The rest of the building is decked out in vertical and horizontal stripes in yellows, greens, oranges, blues and reds that boldly accentuate the overall piece. The mural was hand-painted in tribute to Mr. Penney’s beloved family pet, whose silhouette also adorns the company’s logo.

During its early stages and well after its completion, motorists, pedestrians and area business owners were drawn to the 60’ by 16’ mural, even stopping to pose for selfies with friends and family members.

Truth be told, the frequent interruptions made completing the project more challenging than expected, but all involved took it happily in stride, enjoying meeting the spectators—and it even gave rise to the hashtag #fallswalls, which is now associated with this project all over the internet.

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About the artists

Patrick Kane McGregor / Esoteric Art

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Anthony J. Garcia / Birdseed Collective

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