BlackDog's proactive guide to tourism marketing for attractions during tourism lulls

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Navigating tourism slowdowns for tours and attractions in your city

In tourism, cities may experience slowdowns for various reasons. It could be the ebb and flow of seasonal trends, economic fluctuations, or unforeseen circumstances like global pandemics. However, at BlackDog Advertising, we want to underscore a crucial message: even during these slowdowns, there exists a wealth of untapped revenue potential for tourism marketing for tours and attractions.

Reasons to stay ahead in quiet times 

Even with a reduced influx of tourists, the relative percentage of potential visitors to your attraction remains significant. Through a targeted off-season marketing strategy, you can unlock this untapped audience and entice them to explore and engage with your tour or attraction. Here are five reasons why BlackDog Advertising recommends that brands continue tourism marketing and attraction marketing even during slowdowns:

  • Maximizing potential attendance: Understanding the percentage of monthly visitors your tour or attraction typically attracts allows you to recognize the potential for increased attendance during slower tourism periods. Even with fewer people in the city overall, the relative percentage of potential visitors remains significant. By implementing a targeted off-season marketing strategy, you can tap into this untapped audience and encourage them to experience your tour or attraction.
  • Strategic marketing leverage: Armed with the knowledge that your attraction historically captures a small percentage of monthly visitors, you have the opportunity to strategically leverage your tourism marketing efforts. During periods of reduced overall tourism, a well-thought-out attraction marketing strategy becomes crucial. By being proactive and maintaining visibility, you can ensure that your attraction stands out, attracting a larger share of the available market.
  • Creating a competitive edge: Recognizing that there are still considerable numbers of potential visitors in the city during slow periods emphasizes the need to stay competitive. Your attraction has the chance to become the go-to choice for those who are exploring local options. By developing innovative off-season marketing approaches, you can position your brand ahead of the competition, ensuring that your tour or attraction remains top of mind for both residents and visitors alike.
  • Capitalizing on local appeal: The insight into the small percentage of monthly visitors your attraction typically draws provides an opportunity to focus on local appeal. During slowdowns, targeting the local market with tailored offerings can be a game-changer. By aligning your attraction with the needs and interests of the local community, you not only secure support from residents but also create a buzz that attracts those seeking unique and engaging experiences.
  • Positive impact on revenue: The bottom line is that a well-crafted off-season marketing strategy during slow tourism periods can have a direct and positive impact on your revenue. By understanding that your attraction’s attendance is relative to the overall number of visitors, you can invest in targeted tourism marketing campaigns that maximize your return on investment. Even with a smaller pool of potential tourists, a strategic approach can ensure that your tour or attraction continues to thrive and contribute to your overall financial success.


Strategic agility is crucial during tourism slowdowns

In times of tourism slowdowns, proactivity and strategic decision-making are the keys to not only survival but thriving. While BlackDog Advertising recognizes that fixed costs are a concern for many brands, our recommendation is to resist the urge to cut tourism marketing budgets. Instead, focus on optimizing resources and reallocating funds to ensure that attraction marketing efforts remain robust and impactful.

The battle for attention actually becomes more intense during slow periods. That’s why it is imperative to invest in off-season marketing and advertising efforts that position your attraction prominently. The idea is to outshine competitors and capture the limited attention of potential visitors in the city. Every visitor becomes more valuable, and marketing is the tool to make sure they choose your attraction.

Investing in paid advertising that is directly trackable is a strategic move. Prioritize channels that allow for measurable returns on investment, ensuring that every marketing dollar spent contributes significantly to your attraction’s visibility and success.

Beyond marketing strategies, diversifying your offerings is key. Creating new experiences tailored for locals can offset the decrease in tourist numbers. Engage with the community, align your offerings with local interests, and foster a sense of connection. This not only enhances your appeal to residents but also contributes to a more resilient business model.

Staying ahead of the competition also involves offering competitive promotions and pricing. By positioning your attraction as the first choice for visitors in your city, you ensure sustained interest even during slower periods. Additionally, shifting your advertising focus to the planning stages of the vacation process is another strategic move BlackDog Advertising recommends. By capturing potential visitors’ attention early, you increase the likelihood that your tour or attraction is included in their itinerary.

Tourism and attraction brands should also establish open lines of communication with local tourism authorities, such as the tourist development council (TDC). Stay informed about their trending information and plans for improving future visitation. This collaboration can provide valuable insights that inform and enhance your overall attraction marketing and business strategy.

Don’t just weather the storm … thrive in the rain

BlackDog Advertising strongly advocates for a proactive approach to slowdowns in city tourism. Your tours and attractions can not only weather the storm but thrive in it with the right strategies. By staying visible, investing strategically in attraction marketing, and innovating to appeal to local audiences, your business can unlock untapped revenue potential even during challenging times.

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