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The social media landscape is always evolving.

New platforms arise, unique algorithms are introduced, and the way that people engage with social content is ever-changing. Our team is dedicated to ensuring that we stay on top of all the latest social media trends for our clients by analyzing real-world data from managing thousands of campaigns each year across a variety of industry verticals as well as attending training sessions, conferences, and subscribing to the most influential social media industry publications. Together, we’ll work to strategize, plan, write content and provide creative concepts for all your social media channels.

Our goal is to grow your social media presence, reach influential target audiences, foster fan engagement & generate compelling content in the right places at the right times.

Brand Style Guide Development

Every great artist, be they a novelist, a conceptual sculptor or a killer rock band, has to find their voice. A great brand is no different. We’ll help you answer those big questions: What do you want to say? To whom do you want to say it to and how do you want to say it? No brand can thrive without crafting a personality that is instantly recognizable to the rest of the world. We’ll help you develop strong messaging and a consistent look and feel that will engender brand trust over time with those you choose to communicate to.

Content Creation

You may have heard it said that in the social media landscape, content is king. It’s not only king, it’s queen, prince, princess, subjects and castle all rolled into one. It is the very reason for being when it comes to social media. If a brand cannot get you to check in with them frequently, then that brand’s message dies. Unique content must find the correct home in order for it to perform to its potential and beyond. A platform like Instagram is ideal for posting Instastories whereas video content is the preferred way to communicate on Facebook, something we happen to know a lot about. Because the content on social platforms is constantly in flux, one piece of content makes way for another ad infinitum. The challenge is to create content that people gravitate to on a consistent basis. We’ll make sure your content is original by investing it with strong thinking, copywriting, and strong content so your story gets told. Fresh content ideas don’t follow a schedule. They can materialize when you least expect it and our team is flexible enough to leverage them to your brand’s advantage whenever they occur.

Paid Advertising

The opportunity to leverage paid social content into real-world results has never been better as the power for organic posts to influence consumer behavior has waned. We believe that a paid social media campaign is a living, breathing thing and different audiences relate differently to certain placements and formats. From Instagram Stories to Facebook Carousels our team tests a variety of ad formats and optimizes each campaign to perform at the highest level. We’ll also find the right channel for your brand because they are not one size fits all. We believe in value, so your ROI is as important to us as it is to you and we’ll make every effort to deliver beyond expectations.

Reporting & Analytics

The best thing about marketing on social media is not only its cost effective reach, but that everything about it is measurable. The ability to tweak or make sweeping changes to media campaigns is informed by reliable data that gets analyzed by our team so your dollars work the hardest. Every brand should have a dedicated social media management tool and we are proud to manage our client accounts with Sprout Social. With Sprout’s social media analytics, you can measure performance across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn, all within a single platform. Having all of your analytics in one place makes it easier to track and compare your efforts across multiple profiles and platforms. Also, the reporting you’ll receive is presented in a clean, transparent, user-friendly manner that puts everyone at ease and on the same page.

Channel Analysis & Optimization

Simply put, optimization is all about making improvements. It's about taking what you already have and then, through experimenting and measuring, figuring out ways to make it even better. We take great care in your company's collective use of social media for driving traffic, generating leads, and for engaging with your subscribers and followers. It’s a matter of understanding how to properly present content on any given platform to bring out the best of each. It’s about testing post frequency for each platform so you can determine the best times for your brand to reach its audience. Since no one platform should be treated as an island, we understand the interconnectivity between platforms and will position your brand in this eco-system seamlessly and effectively.

Customized Engagement Strategies

Just because you flood your social platforms with content, engagement is never a given. As a brand, the “like my page” strategy probably isn’t going to yield the dividends you would like. We’ll make sure to employ the most effective strategies to start and sustain conversations between you and your consumers over the life of your brand. We understand the importance of building engagement on mobile since that’s where you’ll find the highests percentage of people converging when they are on any of the major social media platforms. Using what works and creating new ways that deliver your story out into the world is something we take a lot of pride in.

Promotions & Sweepstakes

In the past, contests were a quick and insightful way to earn the attention of your audience in a saturated marketplace. The appeal was easy to understand; people are always going to have an appetite for getting things for free. Today, consumer behavior is changing yet again and we’ll make sure your brand responds in kind by appealing to them with social media contests that are contemporary, but most importantly, work. We’ve done award-winning work with creative, contest-based social campaigns and we’ll do the same for you.
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