BlackDog Advertising helps Jungle Island shine with Luminosa

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Enhancing visibility and attracting visitors to a bright new attraction

When Jungle Island unveiled its captivating Chinese lantern festival for the holiday season, Luminosa, it needed some serious event marketing mojo to get the word out and draw in visitors. That’s where BlackDog Advertising stepped in with our specific expertise in attraction marketing. We dug deep into the “who” and “why” of their target audiences and unveiled tailored paid social media strategies to set the town abuzz. From enchanting couples to fun-seeking families and even older folks, we crafted captivating content that hit home. The result? A dazzling surge in ticket sales that proved BlackDog Advertising knows how to shine the spotlight on a new event.

tourism marketing
Tour Marketing

Tourism marketing illuminated: supercharging website traffic and conversions

BlackDog Advertising’s partnership with Jungle Island for their holiday event, Luminosa, was fueled by a shared vision to create an unforgettable experience and elevate their brand presence with tourism marketing and event marketing. When we began, we set clear objectives that guided our strategic approach to attraction marketing:

  • Amplify brand recognition of Jungle Island within the South Florida and tourist markets, specifically for the limited-time event, Luminosa.
  • Drive a surge in online ticket sales and boost overall attendance for the dazzling spectacle.
  • Enhance the performance of paid social media campaigns to maximize reach and engagement.
  • Generate a substantial increase in website traffic to create a thriving online presence and drive conversions.

Creativity and dynamic optimization: BlackDog's recipe for Luminosa success

BlackDog Advertising delved into Jungle Island’s analytics from the previous months, conducting a thorough review to gain valuable insights for the upcoming digital campaign. Armed with this knowledge, we made informed recommendations and devised a tourism marketing and event marketing strategy that would maximize results. By leveraging market research and data-driven audience targeting, we tailored specialized messages to specific personas, including date night goers, families, and locals.

  • Unleashing the Power of Existing Assets:

BlackDog Advertising harnessed the potential of Jungle Island’s existing assets, crafting new and captivating creative elements optimized specifically for Facebook and Instagram attraction marketing.

  • Tailored for Impact:

Recognizing the diverse target audience, we developed unique and personalized creative pieces for each segment.

  • Multilingual Marvel:

Going above and beyond, BlackDog ran a comprehensive campaign in two languages, leveraging the power of bilingual communication. This strategic approach allowed us to effectively connect with a wider range of individuals.

  • A Symphony of Variation:

With a staggering 83 ad variations across three personas, we orchestrated a symphony of creative possibilities.

  • Real-Time Optimization:

Our tourism marketing campaign didn’t rest. By leaning into what was working and pivoting away from what wasn’t, we ensured that our attraction marketing campaign remained dynamic, relevant, and highly effective.

tourism marketing
tourism marketing

Luminosa shines bright with remarkable website traffic increase

In the month of November, Luminosa saw a dramatic increase in online website traffic, online website revenue, brand and event awareness, increased social media traffic, and increased organic search traffic to the Luminosa landing page on the Jungle Island website.

  • Website Traffic +83%
  • Website Traffic From Social +281%
  • Total Luminosa Website Revenue +54%
  • Luminosa Social Website Revenue +360%
  • Total Luminosa Website Traffic +883%
  • Luminosa Social Website Traffic +574%

BlackDog's expertise in event marketing shines with Luminosa

BlackDog Advertising’s unique expertise in event and attraction marketing proved to be a game-changer for Jungle Island and their captivating Luminosa holiday event. By diving into their audience’s preferences, we crafted tailored paid social media strategies that created excitement and drew in visitors. With a strategic approach and creative finesse, BlackDog Advertising’s tourism marketing and event marketing expertise helped Jungle Island solidify its position as a must-visit destination.

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