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More Fury in the Florida Keys

Launching a new product in Key West

The Florida Keys are known for their family-friendly water sports businesses and experiences, and Fury Water Adventures Key West continually sets itself apart in a crowded market. Their signature Fury Ultimate Adventure experience attracts thrill- and spill-seekers worldwide. However, even the most successful brands need help with their product launch strategy. As a valued BlackDog marketing partner, we didn’t hesitate to help Fury with their new product marketing strategy by analyzing competing water sports businesses to see what we could learn. From there, Fury Ultimate Adventure H2.0 was born, with a product launch strategy leveraging essential digital tools to collect data for enhanced tourism marketing, attraction marketing, brand positioning, website visits and sales.

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A furious new product deserves a furious product launch strategy


BlackDog Advertising helped a successful water sports business build a new buzz when they’ve already made a splash with customers. So, what was our product launch strategy? Well, as a known commodity, it’s important to be strategic and make digital tools a strength in your tourism marketing and adventure marketing efforts. BlackDog Advertising always begins a project by targeting specific audiences with personalized messaging. Social media, email marketing, and even QR codes are tools we used to reach previous customers, people interested in water sports, people interested in all-inclusive experiences, all while gathering information we could use later. The result was an immediate new buzz with three tangible areas to point to as proof of concept for our product launch strategy:

  • Increased brand awareness
  • Longer website sessions
  • Greater sales
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Dive headfirst into new product marketing 

So, what makes BlackDog Advertising different? We tailor our tourism marketing campaign to the needs of our client — with the budget to ensure every dollar is used appropriately. In the case of our rebranding with the watersports business, Fury Water Adventures Key West, we began our product launch strategy by targeting two key audiences: people currently visiting Key West and brand loyalists who take repeat trips.

Here’s how we broke down our tourism marketing and product launch strategy using digital marketing to reach the most people:

New product marketing means new attraction marketing materials: 

  • Branding photoshoots and videos built buzz and excitement about the new and improved Fury Ultimate Adventure H2.0.


New product marketing also means multi-channel media: 

  • When we target potential customers, we want to show up on their phones as much as possible through paid social media and email marketing campaigns.
  • BlackDog Advertising developed new attraction marketing materials, including new branding with photo and video, to create excitement around the relaunched product and generate buzz among their target audiences.



Rev up attraction marketing with BlackDog Advertising

Implementing a new product marketing strategy for an existing product doesn’t have to be complicated or difficult. In our partnership with Fury Water Adventures Key West, success required knowing their brand and their customers and using effective digital tourism marketing tools to reach them and collect information. Knowing the water sports business and its customers, coupled with strategic digital marketing, made all the difference for Fury Water Adventures Key West. And the results certainly speak for themselves. Thanks to our partnership, the park’s website impressions and web visits skyrocketed, and their revenue got a massive boost! It’s clear that putting your customers and unique brand experience at the forefront of your brand strategy is a game-changer, and we’ve got the Fury Water Adventures Key West relaunch to prove it.

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