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Over the past few weeks, I’ve consulted with dozens of CEOs and managers as they try to navigate through the economic shutdown brought on by the pandemic. Many of these businesses have partnered with my firm for decades and are more than clients—they are dear friends. And no disaster plan or safety net was adequate to prepare 99% of businesses for the global stoppage of economies.

With operations shuttered, businesses are seeing their income go to zero and are left with the gut-wrenching task of laying off staff. This is one of the most painful things asked of any leader. Their staff members are not only valued teammates who require an investment to hire and train, but they are also treasured friends and colleagues with families and expenses of their own. Every CEO and manager that I work with has been deeply affected by these difficult decisions.

Over the next few weeks, my team and I will be sharing articles that we hope you find helpful for you and your business. Our writings will be considerate of the fact that most businesses have little or no income and are working with a limited workforce. No one is an expert during these times, but we will do our best to put forth information that we find relevant and actionable for your company. Since we’re all in this together, I also encourage you to connect with me with any suggestions you think other business owners may find helpful.

Like most businesses, over the last 30 years, BlackDog Advertising has dealt with our fair share of challenges, including the destruction of our office and home by Hurricane Andrew. As a company, we have worked beside our clients to help them regain their business after multiple hurricanes, 9/11, bubble bursts, oil spills, Zika and many other threats to our economy and way of life. However, there is nothing – and I mean NOTHING—that compares to COVID-19. That being said, there will be opportunities that come from the pandemic, not the least of which will be a new perspective on how interconnected and important we all are to each other. I predict everything we do in business and our personal lives will be a little sweeter on the other side of this. And together we will all be part of the post-COVID comeback. Stay safe.


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