Riding the summer break wave

By the BlackDog Strategy team

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Summer break not only ushers in warm weather and longer days but also presents a significant business opportunity for companies operating in the tourism and sightseeing industry. As the temperatures rise and school doors close, families across the United States embark on their well-earned vacations. In fact, statistics show that approximately two-thirds of families plan to travel during the summer break, making it a prime time for tour operators and sightseeing businesses to tap into this influx of eager vacationers. In this article, BlackDog Advertising explores the potential that summer break holds for your brand and how to use summer marketing to leverage it effectively.

Summer surge: Tapping into profitable visitor trends

Whether it’s families during the bustling summer break or other demographics during off-peak seasons, aligning your tour marketing strategy with visitor trends can lead to increased returns and higher profits. It’s all about making informed decisions that capitalize on the unique opportunities each season brings, ultimately driving your marketing success. Here are five reasons why BlackDog Advertising believes your brand should plan ahead for the summer:

1. Data-driven decision-making: To ensure the success of your summer advertising and tour marketing efforts for your tourism and sightseeing business, we at BlackDog Advertising recommend aligning your summer strategies with visitor trends is paramount. Consider this: If your data shows that summer break is your market’s peak season, it presents a compelling reason to focus your tour ads and tourism marketing efforts during this time. For instance, an analysis of past booking patterns might reveal that July and August consistently bring in the most visitors to your city.

2. Seizing revenue opportunities: The summer break season offers a unique and time-sensitive opportunity to capitalize on the influx of visitors, translating directly into higher passenger numbers and increased revenue through your tour marketing campaigns. Let’s say your tour company operates in a coastal destination, and you’ve noticed that beachgoers flock to your city during the summer months. This surge in visitors represents a substantial revenue potential that shouldn’t be overlooked.

3. Family-oriented travel: Summer break aligns with the peak travel season for families, making it even more crucial for sightseeing companies catering to this demographic. Take, for example, a sightseeing company located near a theme park or family-friendly attractions. During the summer, families with children are more likely to visit these destinations. BlackDog Advertising recommends crafting a summer seasonal marketing strategy that allows you to align your messaging with the desires and interests of these family travelers, bolstering your tourism marketing efforts.

4. Untapped potential: Even if a significant portion of your annual revenue already comes from the summer season, it’s important to recognize that there may still be untapped potential in your tour marketing efforts. Let’s consider a historical city with guided walking tours. If these tours are not consistently selling out during the summer despite increased visitor numbers, there’s room for growth. A well-planned summer advertising and tourism marketing strategy can address this gap by optimizing tour offerings and promotions to meet the rising demand.

5. Strategic growth and competitiveness: Aligning your tour ads and summer advertising strategies with visitor trends not only maximizes your immediate returns but also positions your company for long-term growth and competitiveness in the field of tourism marketing. By consistently capitalizing on peak seasons and continuously refining your approach based on data insights, your business can establish itself as a go-to for tourists during the summer break and beyond. This approach not only boosts revenue but also strengthens your brand’s reputation in the tourism industry through effective tourism marketing.

Hot opportunities: How to create a summer-specific plan

Having a well-thought-out plan is the cornerstone of success for tourism brands during the summer season. Let’s dive into the crucial components that will ensure your summer advertising and tour marketing strategy aligns with visitor trends and leads to increased returns and higher profits:

  • Set clear and measurable goals:

Before starting your summer advertising and tour marketing campaign, it’s imperative to establish clear and measurable marketing goals. These goals will serve as the foundation for your strategy and provide a benchmark for success in both tour ads and tourism marketing. For example, you might aim to increase ticket sales by a certain percentage or boost website traffic during the summer season.

  • Identify the buying window:

Understanding when travelers typically decide on their activities is crucial for effective tour marketing. Research and experience indicate that travelers often plan their tours and activities in advance, with a buying window that spans two to seven days before their arrival. Recognizing this pattern allows you to tailor your tourism marketing efforts to capture these potential customers during this critical decision-making period.

  • Maximize digital audiences:

Leverage digital marketing to its fullest potential in your summer advertising and tour marketing efforts by targeting audiences actively looking for vacation options in your location. Utilize data-driven advertising strategies to reach these potential guests before they even arrive in the city. This proactive approach increases your chances of converting them into customers and is an essential aspect of successful tourism marketing.

  • Reevaluate pricing strategy:

Take a close look at your pricing strategy to ensure that your products are priced competitively and correctly in your tour ads and tourism marketing materials. Assess whether offering a summer promotion could boost sales overall without sacrificing profitability. This could involve discounts, package deals, or other incentives tailored to the summer season as part of your summer advertising and tour marketing efforts.

  • Review sales channels:

Assess the effectiveness of your tour marketing and tourism marketing efforts by reviewing your sales channels. Are you maximizing profits by diversifying your distribution channels in your summer advertising campaigns? BlackDog Advertising recommends exploring partnerships and collaborations that can expand your reach and revenue streams in both tour ads and tour marketing. This might involve working with local hotels, travel agencies, or online platforms.

  • Digital dominance:

Recognize the omnipresence of digital devices in travelers’ lives, even when they’re in your city. Ensure your online presence is robust, especially in search engines, as part of your summer advertising and tour marketing strategies. Implement effective SEO and advertising strategies to capture the attention of travelers searching for relevant services, like a “Boston tour” while they are in Boston, bolstering your tourism marketing efforts.

  • Tailor tour marketing to current needs:

Customize your tour ads and marketing messages to address the specific needs and desires of summer travelers. Highlight benefits and experiences unique to the season, such as outdoor adventures, family-friendly activities, or special events. Tailored messaging makes it easier for your audience to relate to and resonate with your brand, and this approach is a key aspect of many of BlackDog Advertising’s successful tour marketing strategies.

  • Ongoing monitoring and adaptation:

BlackDog Advertising recommends implementing a reporting system to continuously track the success of your marketing plan, including your tour ads. Regularly review key performance indicators (KPIs) and adapt your strategy as needed. This flexibility allows you to respond to changing market dynamics and optimize your campaigns for better results.

  • Consistency across marketing placements:

Maintain consistency in your marketing messaging across all placements and channels. The “rule of 7” suggests that people need to encounter a message multiple times before taking action — however, we at BlackDog Advertising suggest going as high as 14. By delivering a cohesive message across various touchpoints, you reinforce your brand and message, increasing its impact on potential customers.

Sitting on a summer gold mine

Summer break is a pivotal period for sightseeing businesses, brimming with opportunities to flourish. To truly capitalize on the expected influx of eager travelers, having well-structured marketing plans featuring tour ads and dedicated summer advertising — which BlackDog Advertising is well-equipped to assist with — is imperative.

By aligning your strategies with visitor trends, setting clear goals, and tailoring your messaging to the season, you can transform summer break into a thriving and profitable venture for your sightseeing business. It’s not just about enjoying the sun — it’s about shining in the marketplace with a thoughtfully crafted plan that maximizes your potential for success.

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