BlackDog attends “Engage for Agencies” at Google Chicago

By Mitch Meyers

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Last week I had the opportunity to attend the Google Engage for Agencies seminar presented by Dale Carnegie. The program hosted a large group internet marketing managers at the Google offices in Downtown Chicago. This experience was a refreshing break from the monotony of today’s “digital training” atmosphere where everyone is taught a one-size-fits-all method through conference calls, webinars, white paper PDFs, and YouTube videos. I think the most eye-opening revelation that occurred to me during the entire program was this:

Here I am at Google Chicago, one of the largest branches of one of the largest technology companies in the world, and we are handwriting notes, interacting with peers, collaborating, and helping each other to learn new materials out of a printed workbook. No PowerPoint slides, iPads, laptops, or real hints of technology. Google has created a highly successful and interactive experience to train internet marketing managers without the use of digital technologies.

In my opinion, the ability to interact with peers, bounce ideas off each other, and practice verbal presentations is the best way to learn. What Google is doing with the “Engage for Agencies” program is one part training, one part experiential marketing, and maybe a dash of subliminal messaging mixed into a neatly organized package.

The training program presented by Dale Carnegie was broken down into a few main sections: Establishing Rapport & Credibility, Interpreting Data, Reporting ROI, and Cross-Selling. Dale Carnegie is celebrating its centennial anniversary this year and I can understand why they have been in business for 100 years. The program was tailored to the Google community, and was spot-on with insightful information about how to improve your client’s marketing campaigns. Most of the program was customized to the topics we wanted to discuss as a community and then the presenter offered great advice with real-world examples to back it up.

In the end, everyone who attended left with a clear understanding of what it will take to improve his or her agency sales strategy and client’s marketing campaigns. I know that our Miami advertising agency will be able to provide clients with better recommendations and ROI statistics after attending this training program. The reason everyone left with a customized game plan is because the program was structured around the participants. Quality learning experiences require participants to “engage” in the curriculum and take ownership in their work. Google understands the importance of creating lasting impressions on their most valuable advocate, and this type of investment will pay off tenfold for all parties involved. Cheers to Google for making an educational investment towards the future of digital advertising!

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