From fragmented to flourishing: The co-op marketing triumph of Historic Tours of America

Connecting the dots: How BlackDog Advertising united HTA’s brands

When you’re a tourist brand with cherished experiences in seven cities, but lack a cohesive brand identity, what’s the solution? That’s precisely the challenge Historic Tours of America faced until BlackDog Advertising stepped in. From the eerie ghost tours to the historic Boston Tea Party, the majestic Truman Little White House to the captivating aquarium, each experience held a unique allure. However, to take the brand to new heights, HTA needed to transform these seemingly individual brands into something single, seamless, and unforgettable through co-op and tourism marketing.

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Uniting HTA's brands through co-op marketing

HTA operates similarly to a co-op, with each brand functioning independently under the parent company’s umbrella. BlackDog Advertising’s specialized knowledge in co-op marketing and tourism advertising proved essential in seamlessly unifying HTA’s individual brands. We had the following objectives in this co-op advertising campaign:

  • Improve sales for tours, museums, and offerings outside of the Trolley Day Tour year over year
  • Increase website traffic year over year with tourism advertising
  • Create a consistent multi-channel tourism advertising message across all channels (paid and organic)

Crafting a unifying story with tourism marketing

BlackDog Advertising employed a multifaceted approach to tourism advertising, focusing on crafting unique messaging, producing captivating video creative and graphics, revamping the website, and harnessing the potential of email marketing. Let’s delve into the details of our strategies:

  • Develop unique messaging: Drawing from the strategy insights, BlackDog Advertising crafted a unique and compelling messaging framework for tourism marketing. This messaging showcased the immersive experiences awaiting travelers in all seven cities.
  • New video creative and graphics: To visually express HTA’s captivating offerings, BlackDog Advertising produced new video creative and stunning graphics. These visuals brought diverse experiences to life, captivating viewers and immersing them in the wonders of each city.
  • Update the website: Recognizing the website as a critical touchpoint for tourists, BlackDog Advertising revamped HTA’s website. The new design featured a cohesive brand identity, user-friendly navigation, and captivating content, offering a seamless and engaging experience for potential visitors.
  • Create new email creative: BlackDog Advertising included email marketing in our tourism advertising, developing eye-catching creative to entice and inform subscribers about HTA’s collective adventures. The personalized and engaging emails nurtured strong relationships with past and potential visitors, essential to every tourism brand’s success.
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A co-op advertising triumph

With a multifaceted co-op advertising campaign in full swing, the results were nothing short of extraordinary. HTA enjoyed a dramatic increase in ad impressions, website traffic, and sales powered by BlackDog Advertising’s strategic approach to tourism marketing.

  • 130 million ad impressions were achieved, representing a significant increase in HTA’s brand exposure and reach compared to the previous year.
  • The co-op advertising campaign’s success was evident in the remarkable 21% year-over-year increase in website traffic. This surge in visitors indicates a heightened interest and curiosity among tourists, drawn in by our captivating messaging.
  • The impact of the co-op marketing efforts was further amplified by an impressive year-over-year increase in website sales. This substantial growth in conversions underscores the effectiveness of BlackDog Advertising’s strategies in driving engagement and converting potential visitors into eager patrons.

Co-op marketing is a great way to stretch smaller media spends

The collaboration between HTA and BlackDog Advertising showcased the immense benefits of co-op marketing for brands with smaller media spends. By leveraging BlackDog’s expertise in tourism marketing, HTA successfully united its diverse brands, creating a seamless and unforgettable journey for tourists.

This co-op advertising triumph serves as a testament to the power of collaboration and the strategic vision of BlackDog Advertising in elevating HTA’s position as a premier product for travelers.

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