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BlackDog transforms concierge services with Google

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Visiting a new place just got easier

When you’re on vacation, what’s the very first thing you want to do? If you’re like most of us, you want to start exploring right away! It used to be that you’d run down to your concierge and they’d sit with you to review a three-ring binder filled with fun activities to do around town. But let’s face it, that’s pretty old school. Those binders were often outdated, bulky, and they were also very time-consuming and costly to update. But not anymore! Key West Concierge decided it was time for something new, so they reached out to BlackDog Advertising to construct a solution that would better serve their tech-savvy customers. Here’s what that looked like:

Google technology

Through the use of Google Chromebit and Chromebox devices, BlackDog Advertising utilized today’s most advanced technology and created interactive touch-screen kiosks, the modern-day replacement for the antiquated three-ring binders. Controlled remotely through the Chrome management system, these new digital “pitch books” allow guests to easily flip through the different choices of adventures that they can experience while in Key West. To make things even better, guests can send maps and directions straight to their smartphones- and can even send messages to their concierge after hours.

Only the beginning of digital in travel

The ideal fusion of technology and design, our solution sets a new standard for concierge services. Because it was so successful, Google featured it in their Google Cloud Blog and invited us to their convention to share what we created. And given that our clients have already requested Chrome for other uses, including ticket sale kiosks, we’re excited to explore many other opportunities to enhance the future of travel through the use of Google Chrome!

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