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Old Town Trolley Tours brochures for Boston, Key West, San Diego, Savannah, St. Augustine and Washington DC

old town trolley tours print rebranding stats

About Company

Old Town Trolley Tours is a sightseeing company that offers fun, informative and narrated tours to visitors in Boston, Key West, San Diego, Savannah, St. Augustine and Washington DC aboard their signature orange and green trolleys.


Although Old Town Trolley has the key brochure distribution points in each city, its brochure pickup rate was steadily declining. BlackDog Advertising was hired to reverse this trend by completely re-designing a brochure for each of their six cities.


BlackDog Advertising created a brochure that helped guests identify and differentiate Old Town Trolley from their competitors starting with a cover that included 3 essential features: A sightseeing headline that conveys fun, their friendly conductors driving their unique-looking trolleys, and their vehicle colors – orange and green. A fifth color of orange that matched their trolleys was implemented to help their brochures stand out among others. In addition, BlackDog personalized each brochure by having each city’s General Manager photo accompanied by a “welcome to my hometown” greeting. BlackDog went on location to each city to re-photograph the trolley in action along with various attractions that guests would be seeing along the tour.


Old Town Trolley’s brochure pick up rate increased by 100%. Ticket sales and guest inquiries at ticket booths also increased an average of 20% as a result of their re-branding.


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